28.09.2021 130

RadLogics gratefully acknowledges the opportunity to integrate RADLogics services with the Moscow digital healthcare platform


Dear Mr. Khripun,

RadLogics gratefully acknowledges the opportunity to integrate RADLogics services with the Moscow digital healthcare platform and appreciates the efforts taken by the Moscow Healthcare Department, and you personally, the Center for Diagnostics & Telemedicine, and all the experts involved in the Experiment on the use of innovative computer vision technologies for medical image analysis and subsequent applicability in the healthcare system of Moscow.

We highly appreciate the social significance of the Experiment and are proud that the RADLogics services for analyzing CT images were the first to be integrated with the Unified Radiological Information Service during the COVID-19 outbreak in Russia in early 2020. Throughout the course of the Experiment, RADLogics CT algorithm has processed over 200,000 CT scans, thus reducing the workload on Moscow radiology departments.

Despite the tight deadline and urgency of measures taken, the Center for Diagnostics & Telemedicine responsibly conducted a preparatory stage of the AI algorithm integration, provided us with all necessary methodological and technical support, curried out functional testing and calibration phase, that confirmed the high efficacy and diagnostic accuracy of our service..

Starting in April 2020, RADLogics has continuously worked with your team to deploy our AI software platform for medical imaging analysis and two clinical solutions for COVID-19, and Lung Nodule detection, quantification and characterization. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in the Experiment, and we hope to expand this scope in the near future.

I wanted to thank you personally for your continued support of our joint work—at every stage of our work, we are getting tremendous support from you and your team, in particular, invaluable feedback from radiologists. Close and beneficial collaboration with Moscow healthcare facilities gave us a unique experience of being connected to the Moscow digital healthcare system, bring the development of our AI solution to a new level of accuracy, quality and ease of use based on the feedback from your team.

It is our privilege to invite additional AI developers to join us in the AI/computer vision Experiment and take the unparalleled opportunity of participating in such a large-scale study. We are really enjoying a high level of project management and collaboration, and looking forward to continue working together pushing the boundaries of leveraging innovative AI technologies in medicine.

Very truly yours,

Moshe Becker CEO/co-founder RADLogics Inc.